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                Meaningful Careers ®


revolv has redefined what it means to be a realtor by creating its own category in the industry. First, we started by questioning everything… from the back-end administration, to how the agent is perceived by the brokerage.

Here, the agent is the client, and empowered agents provide better client services. For Home-Sellers we are Real Estate Marketing Specialists, for Home-Buyers we are counselors and seasoned negotiators…not salespeople, this title no longer defines the role.


  • Let’s Start with the Split, we offer one of the most comprehensive packages in the industry.

  • Leads? We offer more leads then ANY agency Nation Wide, We offer more leads in one day then you can expect from a national franchise delivers in an entire year. 

  • Fees? There are no Fees…PERIOD!

  • Full-Time Admin and Full-Time Broker; By the way…the broker works only for you and does not compete with you. Unlike 99% of other brokers;

  • INSANE one on one Training and LIVE mentoring;

  • And so much more.


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